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My home test shows a Very faint negative line but test is in 2 days! Need Help ASAP!


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Hi everyone! I'm freaking out right now and need some immediate advice. I have a pre-employment drug test on Thursday (today is Tuesday). I am a 6'0" 180lb male, with a fairly fast metabolism. I smoke very regularly (1-2 times/day of good stuff) but have been clean for 2 weeks now (so it'll have been only 2 1/2 weeks clean before the test). I was hoping to go all natural, obviously still planning on using TestClear as a backup. I did a home test today and got a VERY faint line indicating NEGATIVE. I don't know if the solidity of the line means anything but the instructions clearly say that if you see two lines (one next to the C and one next to the T), its a negative. Also, that even a very faint line indicated negative. So mine is VERY faint.

Should I go natural and expect that with another two days I'm set? Or is that too much of gamble and should I purchase TestClear (would have to buy it today, to get it tomorrow, to use on Thursday). I've attached a picture of the test (please don't be grossed out by my pee) and the instructions. I'm having a bit of trouble uploading the pictures so if you can't see them, just know that the line indicating negative is VERY faint but visible.

If you think I'll be ok with my own natural piss, what can I do now to perhaps make it a more sure bet that I'll come out negative. I know that I should stop working out now (a few days before the test) so that the THC in my burned fat doesn't come out. Anything else? I don't think cleanses work from what I've read....

Again, this is something that I need advice on ASAP (today so I can order the TestClear). Thank you!



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Re: My home test shows a Very faint negative line but test is in 2 days! Need Help AS

Any line, regardless of its intensity, is considered a negative. The reason for this is because the cutoff level of THC on the tests is at 50ng/mL, compared to 500+ on some others drugs. With a lower threshold, the line will pretty much always be lighter...or something like that. I just subbed with my GFs urine last week and tested her 100% clean urine on 3 different 5 panel tests and her clean urine always had a lighter line. She has smoked once and it was 10 years ago. Keep researching, but I would assume that if you see any line, you are safe. Try your first pee of the day, too and see if there is a line there, as the first pee of the day is the dirtiest.


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Re: My home test shows a Very faint negative line but test is in 2 days! Need Help AS

A line is a line when it comes to strip tests. Techs are somewhat under pressure not to have samples sent off for GC/MS analysis unless clearly there is no second line, because it costs the company more to send them off for confirmation tests.
I would say you will probably be fine with just dilution the morning of the test.
Drink 36 ounces of gatorade the morning of the test
Pee 3 or 4 times before the test
When taking the test
Pee a little in the toilet first
Pee 2 ounces in the collection cup
Pee the rest in the toilet.


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Re: My home test shows a Very faint negative line but test is in 2 days! Need Help AS

I had been a daily smoker for nearly 15 years, several times a day. I am athletic build with a little bit of a beer gut and only exercise twice a week which involves a 20 min run and some weights. I stopped smoking as I had nearly finished uni and was applying for a job that required drug testing. I was very paranoid about this as I was such a big smoker for so long.

Any way after 30 days abstinance I took a home drug test and got a very very faint line. Was really just around the edges and not much in the middle. After 60 days I took another two home test a week apart. Both done first thing in the morning and they both had two lines but very faint again. After 90 days I finally got the call for my drug test and so i got another home test to try out. Again this home test was very faint so I was really freaking out.

Went to the lab that afternoon and they gave me a 5 panel drug test and all the lines including THC were just as bright as the control lines. Long story short i dont think the faintness of the lines on the home test matter as long as you can see it. :)
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