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My plant update: 3 weeks into flowering.


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Well, i said i would be back posting pics of my girl when she starts to show
decent bud, so here you go.

For those just tuning in:
She is 2 ft 1inch tall,
NL X BB strain
Growing under 400w hps, in 2 1/2 gallons of dirt
and just past 3 weeks flowering.
Doesn't really smell much right now, but i'm sure it's only a matter of time.

I took a clone off of her before i put her into flower, repotted her
last week, and she is doing great, looks just like her mom at that age. :laugh2:

Anyhoo, i went away for 2 1/2 days (had no choice) and she got a bit
burnt on top, hence that is what you see in the pic.
As it is only the leaves, i have decided to leave her be for now, but may
trim her next week if my heart desires it.

She has got plenty of budsites as you can hopefully see from the crappy pics, and i took a close up of a couple just cuz i can.

Borrowed a friends digicam, not quite used to it, so sorry if pics seem

Here are the pics:

The top part burnt you can see here:


Pic of whole plant in my livin room:


Closeup of 2 buds :3:

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Looking good. Keep up the good work.


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At least you were smart in taking a clone before flowering, I screwed up big time NOT cloning mine.....great pics, she looks tasty:allgood:


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Remove those burnt leaves. At this point, it is a huge strain on the plant to keep those decaying leaves alive. Trim them off over time and the bottom growth will fill in and more than make up for the lack of the larger fan leaves.


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Thanks RooRman, i did just that.
She looks a bit more healthy now, and the branched out parts with
budsites will get more light. :D

Btw, now in 4th week of flowering and is now 2ft 3inches tall.
Clone is coming along really nicely, and very healthy at 6inches tall.
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