Nausea and Lack of Appetite by Virginia

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Nausea and Lack of Appetite by Virginia​

I am a mother of one at the age of 22. My pregnancy was...well, we'll say, as close to dreadful as it can get at my age. I spent the whole nine months vomiting excessively. I found out about three months into my pregnancy that they had a name for it: hyperemesis gravidarum. It's excessive vomiting during pregnancy, leading to many, many hospital stays and IVs hanging out of your arm to feed you and the baby. A few times we came very close to losing our beautiful baby girl because I wasn't getting any food in me. I finally had her, a beautiful 6 lbs. 1 oz baby girl with blond curls and blue eyes. She was born healthy except for a minor cleft of the soft palate.

I smoked a little marijuana before I was pregnant and completely quit when my husband and I found out we were to be parents. After I had her, however, I started having complications from all of the vomiting during those nine months. I could and still cannot eat a full meal and I probably eat what many people would consider one medium-sized meal per day. I began losing too much weight and the doctors were baffled.. Finally, I got tired of waiting for results and took matters into my own hands. I remembered that when I smoked marijuana before my pregnancy, it always increased my appetite. I began smoking it again and lo and behold, I started eating again. Now I smoke it regularly so that I am able to eat more than one meal per day. Since then I've been feeling healthier, stronger, and less nauseated, and I am sleeping better. It also allows me to be a better mother to my child. For a coupled of months I feared being hospitalized, but now I feel great and it reflects on my whole family.

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