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Need help for pineapple kush grow!!!!


New Member
Hello, this is my first grow and I need some help.
I started germination about 2D ago, and the seeds are cracking, but I have some questions in future..
1.What soil to use (I heard that pineapple kush is very sensitive to the soil) so just wondering what minerals should be in soil for seeds?maybe some orchid soil should be good? or for example. soil with 30% perlite, 15% vermiculite?

Im green with growing so any tips for growing or links will help me.
Thanks! :thanks:

Calyx Hunter

New Member
I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest. It works well for me. I only add Mycorrizhae and some Lime to stabilize pH. There's no need to mix anything else. Check out my most recent update in my Multi Strain grow for an astonishing look at one day of progress in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil.
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