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New Medical Marijuana University Attracts Many In Mid-Michigan


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Some are spending the weekend at one of Genesee Townships budding attractions, a new medical marijuana university.

Patients and caregivers of medical marijuana can now learn more about the new law and the plant at Oaksterdam University.

Some are calling it a lifesaver and a great alternative to addictive prescription drugs.

Nearly 50 people filled the classroom at the Genesee County Compassion Club, where the fifth Oaksterdam University Michigan seminar took place.

Classes are given to patients like Cindy Simerson, who says the plant helped her heal her three forms of cancer. "It's really the only thing that helps with my bladder spasms .... I have been doing the oil, the medibles .... trying to prevent it from coming back."

Caregiver Jeffrey Hyder is taking the course because he sees the plant as a safe alternative to prescription drugs. "What my patient does. He vaporizes marijuana instead of taking the Vicodin that he used to take. Since he's done that, he doesn't need the painkillers anymore."

Class facilitators say the classrooms aren't just filled with smokers.

"I have patients who don't smoke at all. They've never smoked in their life, so I make them tinctures. I make them external tinctures that they can rub for arthritis pain. I make internal tinctures, I make medibles for them to be able to eat a half a cookie just for them to get the relief that they need," said Genesee County Compassion Club Co-Founder Shyanne Goupil.

Dispelling ignorance around medical marijuana is what Hyder and Simerson say the seminar is doing.

"Where else are you going to go to learn the things you need to know about the laws, producing it, growing it, using it," explained Hyder.

"If everybody would just stop using prescription drugs and maybe vaporize some marijuana, they'd be a lot better," added Simerson.

The seminar costs $250 to attend.

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