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New York's Medical Marijuana Bill Says Pot In Food Form Must Be Bought At Dispensarie

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The bill to legalize medical marijuana says patients looking to take their pot in food form will have to buy it at one of 20 dispensaries around New York State. The bill, which Gov. Cuomo has said he will sign, also prohibits smoking medical pot, but allows the use of vaporization machines. You can munch on a pot brownie – but you can't bake it yourself. Medical marijuana patients who want to take their pot in food form will have to buy it at one of 20 dispensaries around New York State – operated by one of five organizations authorized to grow, manufacture and distribute medical marijuana. It's just one of the dos and don'ts included in the measure to make New York the 23rd state to legalize medical marijuana. The bill won overwhelming passage in the Legislature on Friday, and Gov. Cuomo has said he will sign it into law.

Though the bill expressly prohibits smoking medical pot, it does make it legal to use the prescribed drug in e-cigarette-like devices and other vaporization machines – but not in public places. Some Republicans still aren't happy. "It's not the use of the whole leaf marijuana plant, but it's smoking," groused Senate Health Committee Chairman Kemp Hannon (R-Nassau County). Under the measure, the five organizations that will be growing the pot, baking those brownies and distributing the products statewide must be union-friendly.And they can only cultivate the pot in a secure indoor location. Insurance won't cover the costs of medical marijuana, and the bill does not specify how much patients will have to pay.

But Senate bill sponsor Diane Savino (D-Staten Island) said the state Health Department could base its prices on how much recreational pot is going for on the black market. The state police could fill in the state Health Department on street prices, she suggested. "You don't want to make it so expensive for patients that they don't use it and instead turn to the black market," Savino said.


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