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Nutrients for veg?


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I just picked up some Shultz plant food 10-15-10 for my 4-5 week old plant and I'm not sure exactly how to feed! I'm a horrible newb. It says to put 7 drops in every quart. So I just drop it in my feeding bottle and use it every time I water? Or do I use the water with plant food every other time and use regular water every time? I'm so not sure how much to water? Whenever I see my soil is dry? Thanks for all your guys help in advance and I apologize for being a newb!


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I feed nutes once a week, and water only when needed.

Using 2 bottles would be helpful, and when it's time to feed nutes, instead of water, I use my nute mix, and water the plants with that. You only use what is needed to moisten the soil with a normal watering, you won't be pouring in the whole quart if you don't need to. That's only there as a mixing ratio.

As far as how often YOU will feed nutes, I'm unsure. Nutrients are all different, and plants are all different, and I'm still learning the correct ratios of the NPK number for nutes, and when to use what strength.

Some people water by pouring water until they start to get runoff.

Personally, I water only what's needed to get the soil moist, and not muddy wet.


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I use miracle grow plant food in a plain peatmoss perlite soil mix medium. keep it simple. The mg is half as directed and works fine for potted plants. Remember to flush your plants. I do it every 3 weeks to prevent root burn. I have learned from past mistakes. A lot of people on this site are dedicated to all natural nurts and soil mixes that are out of my pocket book expenses. They work well if you have the cash.
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