NV: Early Start For Recreational Pot: Reno Approves First Four Business Licenses

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In a unanimous vote, the Reno City Council approved the city's first recreational pot business licenses Wednesday, paving the way for four shops to begin selling to adults on July 1.

Mynt Cannabis Dispensary, Sierra Wellness Connection, Blum Reno and The Dispensary were awarded licenses under the state's early start program. The provisional licenses will expire on July 1, 2018, when the city hopes to have a permanent business licensing process in place.

The dispensaries, which currently sell medical marijuana, hope to begin selling recreational cannabis on July 1, pending the resolution of a lawsuit over who gets to transport the marijuana.

Reno could be the first city in the state to begin selling pot to adults thanks to the council's decision to fast-track the licensing process.

"We are giving these folks a real head start," Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus said. "It’s a vote of confidence in them and I’m sure they’ll rise to the occasion."

Brekhus also noted that recreational marijuana won't be sold in California until Jan. 1, which she said could give Reno a tourism boost for a couple of months.

"So, if you are in a northern California suburb and you're thinking about what you could do for a fun weekend trip, you know, come to Reno and try recreational (pot)."

Other council members leaned on the dispensaries to begin public awareness campaigns to educate the public on where they can actually smoke marijuana.

"You cannot smoke in a park, you cannot smoke walking down the sidewalk, at a public event, at an Aces ball game," Jardon said. "I think there's some confusion. I walked outside of city hall and have seen people light up."

Reno Police Assistant Chief Jason Soto said the department is planning a public awareness campaign to launch in July. Smoking marijuana in public carries a $600 fine.

Councilman Paul McKenzie also said people who live in federally subsidized housing can't smoke at home. Doing so, he said, could put entire housing projects at risk of being closed by the federal government.

"If we lose those subsidized housing units, we create a huge ripple effect in our community," he said.


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