One Ounce Cannabis Tasting Flight Is A Weed Spin On A Familiar Beer Favorite

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If you've got an herb-lovin' Californian on your holiday 2017 shopping list, surprise them this holiday season with the ultimate cannabis gift box. Lowell Farm's One Ounce Cannabis Tasting Flight puts a green spin on the familiar beer flight. And, the bonus is that your friend will be so excited to try it out that they'll probably share it with you. If you're worried that cannabis is not an acceptable gift, this is not the dime-bag shake of your high school days. Far from it. According to a press release from Lowell Farms, "The flight features eight of Lowell's best strains individually packaged in vacuum sealed glass jars. The tasting flight is presented in a beautifully handcrafted wood case."

Before the legalization of recreational cannabis you didn't always know what you were getting. However, this cannabis flight from Lowell Farms – which can be found at more than 250 of California's best dispensaries, and is available for delivery statewide through its partnership with Eaze – guarantees that the strains you receive are lab tested and organically grown on family farms. This means you can be confident it's of the highest quality.

Lowell Farms honors the tradition of William "Bull" Lowell, who began growing hemp on his California farm in 1909, and continued after it became illegal in 1913, which eventually earned him a jail cell. Lowell farms picks up where Bull left off. (Lowell Farms is also the company that introduced the greenest flower arrangement ever for your boo when it debuted the Valentine's Day cannabis bouquet earlier this year. You can also totally give this bouquet for the 2017 holidays, too.)

"Today our community of family farms honor the great Bull Lowell's tradition of growing cannabis naturally and with a deep love and respect for the plant," Lowell Farms explained on its website.

Californians can reserve their gift box, which retails at $300, by contacting one of the dispensaries that carry Lowell Farms products. Additionally, Eaze, which partners with Lowell Farms for delivery in California, has assembled a gift guide for every type of cannabis and hemp aficionado on your Holiday 2017 list. From pre-rolls and mineral soaks to healing CBD salves and infused espresso beans, the choices are endless. And, CBD and hemp products can be delivered in all 50 states.

Additionally, If you've got a group of like-minded friends, you can even do a cannabis/hemp/CBD-themed Secret Santa 2017 gift exchange. Set the mood with Herbal Renewals CBD Oil Herbal Spray, then lather up with Sagely Naturals Hemp CBD cream, which I can attest from personal experience will give your sore muscles a smooth cooling buzz.

After a dinner of Nutiva Hemp-Crusted Grilled Salmon, break out the Lowell Farms Cannabis Flight, and queue up Dazed and Confused starring the original alright-alright-alright hipster, aka Matthew McConaughey. Don't forget the dessert – perhaps these Manitoba Harvest Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bars made with hemp hearts paired with CBD-infused specialty coffees from Sträva Craft Coffee.

If some of your guests are crashing for the night, you'll want to wake them up with a Blueberry + Hemp Booster Smoothie from Daily Harvest. You can pre-order these, and they're already mixed so you just have to add your hemp milk and toss them in the blender. Pair the smoothie with some pre-rolls from Lowell Farms, or for those who prefer not to smoke you can provide some edibles for them to enjoy.

The holidays are an ideal time to ignore your email, relax, and unplug. Especially if you're one of the more than 50 percent of millennials leaving vacation time on the table at the end of the year, according to a new study by Insurance Quotes. Seriously, working through the holidays is bad for your physical and mental health. So, take those vacay days, call your crew, and organize this relaxing AF holiday party ASAP.


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