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Oregon - Portland Council To Consider Pot Tax

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This Wednesday, Portland City Council will consider whether to place a 10% tax on recreational marijuana. The ordinance would not tax medical marijuana. At a work session last Tuesday, Commissioners Amanda Fritz and Dan Salzman expressed concerns that taxing medical marijuana would make it more difficult for people who need it as medicine to afford.

Revenue director Thomas Lannam told council about concerns that not taxing medical marijuana would lead to an increase in people getting medical marijuana cards to avoid the tax. He said that has happened in Colorado following the legalization of recreational marijuana, but it's too soon to say whether that would be a trend.

17 local jurisdictions in Oregon have approved taxes on marijuana ahead of the November General Election where Oregonians will consider whether recreational marijuana should be legalized. They're hoping that by having the tax in place prior to the vote it would be allowed to remain. That question will likely be decided by a court.


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