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Picking the right soil(less) for first grow - Suggestions Please


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So I am in the process of gathering all my tools for my first indoor grow in many years. I have been reading a great deal of journals and other posts here on 420 to refresh my knowledge from years ago (This place rocks and there is no way I would succeed with out it). A lot has changed and I am even going to be using LEDs due to my small space and the need to keep temps low.

The one thing I am still struggling with is choosing my soil (or soilless). I really want to run Growology based on what I have seen in the journals and the great results ColoradoHigh has been getting. The 3 Step system seems to be fairly simple and I am looking to KISS on this first run.

Here is what I have in the plans:

2 X 2.5 X 6ft (or 7ft with extension) Gorilla Grow Tent

TopLed - 3 X 96 Reflector Light with Grow and Bloom switch. All the positive reviews in here led me to choose this light....and what a deal at $166. Anyone think I need to supplement? I plan to only grow two plants in this tent and really need to maximize my yield, so I am thinking five gallon smart pots and really want to make sure they are not light starved.

White Widow Feminized - From BuyDutchSeeds

Soler & Palau TD-100X inline fan pulling through a Phresh carbon filter exhausted air will be sent into garage from the basement closet area.

Medium???? - So given the idea of running the chemical ferts from Growology....it seems like going with Organic Roots or Slacker would be a waste of money since I would be eventually killing all the living aspects of the soil with Step 2 and 3 of Growology. I really like the makeup of the Slacker Aeration formula but I have concerns with running the Growology over the organic amendments. Would I be better served with a total neutral base? Maybe Sunshine or Promix? If I do decide to go with Slacker, I will just go with EarthJuice for my feedings....but I feel that the Organic approach may be better for me after I get a few grows under my belt. The Growology really does seem to give me confidence based on what I have seen.

I am close to getting things kicked off, but I want to make sure I have done my homework and have a solid plan going in. Thanks in advance for any advice. This community is loaded with knowledge!


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My local grow shop has the FF line as well....so i would be open to using a mix of light warrior and Ocean Forest if anyone thinks this will be a good learning medium to use with Growology.
I use a combo of ffof and ff light warrior plus the ph outta the bag is 6.9 i mix in a lil horticulture lime
Which keeps ph right at 6.7. For the first three weeks I
Only use h20 as the ff line has enough nutes provided
outta the bag. Ive been using this mix for years with great
Success and very lil problems. Hope this helps

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Ocean forest or tupar from royal gold
Basement has more coco to it. It's great it's by royal gold too

My buddy mixes fox farm happy frog and ocean forest 50/50 and he swears by it.
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