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Police choppers

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I heard police choppers (some) have a camera mode that they can see either ur plants lights in ur home, or ur plants. Is this true or just a scare myth spread to stop growers? Also what about the extra energy consumption of a bulb or two for ur plants? will the power company call the cops if it jumps for a few months? scares me out of growing. i need to know hehe :)
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I've accually thought about it, and if i keep it personal use, and don't have parties at my place untill their done growin i shouldn't have to much to worry about ic. power usage here jumps all the time we got 4 comps 3 tv's and well it'll prolly be difficult to examine our power usage as overuse. and not very worried about the chopper cams anymore. the city has one chopper, and they never fly over here. i've seen it once over here. they usually have it up near the woods. either searchin for suspects or grow areas not sure.
The camera in those "Ghetto Birds" are equiped with inferred and temp. sensing devices. They are looking for high displacement of heat in one spot of the house. I believe that is when they start checking electricity bills at your home. I also think if you did your growing on a small scale. Your bill won't be as high. I grow for myself. My bill is not that high, but I am.