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Police Sergeant Charged After Delivering Pot While On-duty


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IL - A west suburban police officer faces felony charges after allegedly delivering marijuana while on duty.

The Aurora Beacon News reports that Earlville Police Sgt. Sergio Fuentes delivered pot to a person working with the Tri-County Drug Enforcement Team while on-duty Friday--using his squad car to deliver the drugs.

Officers found more marijuana along with muscle relaxers in Fuentes' vehicle following his arrest.

Fuentes, 41, was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and official misconduct, the Beacon News reports.

He has been suspended from the department without pay.

"As a city, obviously we're very disappointed," Earlville Mayor Mike Hall told the Beacon News Monday.

"We're shocked. The state's attorney and those people are handing this. We'll obviously cooperate in any way we can."

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I wonder where he got the weed he was selling? :roorrip:
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