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PPM question for Hydro


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Hello mates.

Alright so I have some plants

Purple Haze
Cotton Candy
Rogue Thunder

Now I started them from fem seeds under t8 fixture 2 bulbs.
(Switched to 400w hortilux MH last week)
Thats was on the 21st of March. so they are now 3 weeks and 2 days old.

Which is about 1 week and 2 days into actuial veg.

I am running Lucas Formula with GH flora series.

Now I transplanted from soil to hydro and they are doing descent as they were not doign well in soil at all ( Pro Mix)

has deficiencies.

they are bouncing back.

My main questions is. is there a damm reliable PPM schedula I can follow?

I hear anything from 500PPM and up per week by 100 to 800PPM or 1000ppm veg.

So much I cannot udnerstand.

I use a 400W MH air cooled at 12 inch above canopy.

Plants are 6 inches currently.

On another forum someone told me to be at 500PPM including my water which is 210 PPM which makes the nutrients around 300 PPM.

My PH is 6.0 and goes from 6 to 6.3 and to 5.7. I try to keep it at 6.

a chart for week by week for veg and flower would be great.

I udnerstand that I can just feed them and check my EC reading the next day to find out if they are using nutes or more ater and either dim down or up it.

Just want soemone who ahs done this who using PPM.

I will be cutting clones from a couple of these plants as I will be running a large Aero grow running a 60 site 2000watts SoG and 1000 watt Scrog using Dry maxibloom lucas.

Help wiht PPM is needed thanks.



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I run 500 ppm in veg with the flora series. 10 ml of micro, 15 ml of grow 5 ml of bloom per 5 gallons of water. lands me right near 500. I also add calmag and flora blend.

You run it constantly never change it?
Also is this including your water? Mine is 200PPm I am getting a R/O soon.
I am using maxi bloom soon lucas but this should apply rthe same


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You run it constantly never change it?
Also is this including your water? Mine is 200PPm I am getting a R/O soon.
I am using maxi bloom soon lucas but this should apply rthe same

I dont give 500 to my seedlings, they get a thinned out mix. anywhere from 100 ppm and up. But once in full veg they get 500 ppm until 1 week before harvest then i go to a 15ml 15ml 15ml (then thin it out to 700 ppm) for transition stage till 2 weeks in, then I change to flower recipe. and I run R.O water, so ppm is near 0 to start.


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oh man I think you are looking at this very wrong. It is all about the lights and overall environmental quality of the room. The plants live off the light and the nutes are really just like supplements. If you have a perfect environment with huge lighting then you will go through more nutes faster and your plants can handle higher nute concentrations. If you have a marginal environment where the plants are getting a bit of stress every day and night...It gets too hot when the lights are on and when they are off it gets too humid, then they wont grow as fast and will be more easily burned.

Everyone's grow is special to how much effort they put into doing it right. Due to that it his hard to recommend ppm accurately.

Anyway it just takes some experience to learn what deficiencies and abundances look like. Most manufacturers post a recipe that is if you are doing everything awesome which is why people burn plants. They want you to use it and buy more. If you kill your plants you will buy more.

And just a note: these plants don't use a lot in early or end stages.

I can run my nut concentration up at 1.4k ppm during major blooming. I can't run it there at other stages. You don't want to run that in the last 3-4 weeks nor in the first 6 weeks for sure.

Best of luck!

Here I did a much better job Splaining it once before...
Optimal PH and PPM from Seed/clone - Harvest?


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Start seedlings maybe at 150-300ppm,later on add little by little until you see slight burn,on little older plants not seedlings,and stay there then for some time :) less is more,increase by very little,maybe 50ppm,start maybe 150-300,then middle like 500 and finish depends on plant,like i said push it to the limit little by little,watch leaf tips...if you give them SHITLOAD of light THEY WILL EAT SHITLOAD OF NUTES,strains,many factors man...I give my little guys like 300ppm foliar feed,they are fine :) ohh btw my bad im talking about clones,but 150 for seedlings should sound right,i give like 300-400 foliar and they are very not big seedlings,not seem to hurt.spray seedlings with low ppm water,they like it since not have many roots at the start :)
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