Problems with pics


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Log in and go to upload photos
classify in members galleries
enter a default title
enter a short description
press select files to upload I do this 5 times [ 5 pic so 5 times I do this ]
then press upload/select
goes to another screen that has 10 photos on it. not the ones I just uploaded
then go to FAQ
to post new thread
go to where it says my photos press that and it takes me to another screen with 12 photos but none are the ones that I just uploaded
That's all I know about uploading pics. All coments welcome:thanks::thumb::thanks:
Hi pete2,

If you need help with the gallery, please check out the tutorial on how to post photos:
Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

There is also a tutorial video - Uploading Photos: A Video Guide

Personally, I upload all of the images to the website at one time before I click on "Upload/Submit". Once all of the photos have been uploaded, then I enter all of the title/description information and then click on "Process". It goes much faster, with less hassles if you upload your photos in batches, then add all of the information and complete the upload process.

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