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recovered from root rot now 3 weeks in flower


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I have had some problems during veg and I though I give an update on the plants since recovery

these 3 girls are white widow x big buds, they had a hard life at the start, water temp was too high which I never had that problem till summer and didn't realize it but spot them on time, treated with h2o2 for few weeks, then voodoo juice for first week 12\12 and back to h2o2 again, since weather still seems to raise my water to 72f+, then my fan was dying and not venting quick enough, tent temp was above 80f I had to leave the tent wide opened, 2 meters opening, and a fan blowing in, that kept it at 76f to 78f, replaced the fan just before 12\12, 2 smaller ones on the left are about 4 weeks behind in veg and the big one was lucky, may have only delayed by few days,

3 weeks before 12\12 after recovering from root rots

5 days since 12\12

and today they are 22 days since 12\12, there don't seem to be much time before they started flower, but they have been pre flowering since recovery during veg, looks like it was matter of only a day or 2 from light switch to early flowering. a 5 liter bottle in pic for size comparison

this is the big one



here are the 2 smaller ones together




I wonder how much bigger\fatter\more buds will they pack on, they are from femaleseeds

they are on full strength this weeks on advanced nutrients sensi bloom plus hobbyist kit, bud candy and rhino skinwater temp now kept below 70f, tent temp measure from top of canopy 78f max light on average at 76.1f light off lowest tempt 69.7f, under a 600w grolux dual spectrum, fan has temp control, temp never goes above 78f.


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50 days since 12\12, first sign of amber trich was spotted yesterday, looked around again today, a few more found, swelling started about 4 days, over 60% hair turned red, so water change today, 5ml per liter of GHE Ripen to all of them, 10 days on ripen 4 to 7 days on plain PH'ed water and should be about right to chop, going by the rate, if not 60% amber, should be close to 50\50

here some pics













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They turned out lighter than usual, I'm thinking is because of the 2 months plus fighting against root rots and all other crop that happened, been fighting little flies all the way till chop time too. I kill 10 plus of these little black greenny flies everyday in each bucket, can't clear them all as I can't get in the root ball in the pot.
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