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:smokin: Always a pleasure to visit this fab Sunset Strip storefront by the Whiskey A Go Go.
The selection is what I have come to use as a standard when checking other coops...always 7-10 types of Indicas, Sativas & Hybrids to choose from...something for every price range & taste.
On my visit I purchased :
(Quality is from 0-5.0 stars)
Sour OG hybrid 5.0 STARS (Awesome sativa cousin!)
Banana Kush indica 5.0 STARS (mid-priced & comparable to OG effect wise)
White Rhino hybrid 4.0 STARS (strong sativa influence)
Trainwreck sativa 3.0 STARS (light headiness & mid-priced)
Honey Budds kush bud completely tarred with kush oil 5.0+++STARS
GDP Goo thick hash oil 5.0++++STARS (Green tar is what it looks like & the effect using the volcano is outstanding!!!)
Buddha's Ear Wax thick hash oil 4.5 STARS (Very dreamy; great at night.)
Caviar Hash granulated hash 4.5 STARS (Most user friendly hash I've ever used for vaporizing and can kick up old bud a few notches w/ no regrets)
Organix Maximum Strength capsules kush hash & kush oil 5.0 STARS
(Takes "Stuck on stupid" to a much higher level; EXTREME Indica response!)
Sour Diesel Full Melt Hash sativa 4.0 STARS (This is a staple in my stash, nice heady hash that is not overly stoney unless you use too much)
Dr. WHO Kief 4.0 STARS (Great boost to any bud!)
Tainted Energy Drink3.5 STARS ( Nice grape taste with less of the sleepy effect of edibles )
The staff & management are very friendly and familiar with all their products. Some items are so good they fly off the shelf, so if you want something in particular call before coming.:peace:
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