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Santa Clara County MMJ


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Hi, first of all, if this question is in the wrong place, or has been answered before, I apologize - I did search the forums and didn't come up with anything.

I live in Santa Clara county, (san jose) and I believe I meet the requirements to obtain a recommendation for medical marijuana. However, as far as I can tell, therre are no clubs in this county. The County will issue a card, at the outrageous fee of $296. But I wonder if it is worthless; can it be used anywhere besides this County? Also, if I get a recommendation, will I be able to obtain medicine in a County that I do not live in?

Does anyone have similar experience?


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I am also in the same boat as you. i'm not sure about the laws but a buddy of mine has a card and he goes to the clubs in oakland to get clones for home, so im sure they are not just for this county otherwise the clubs in oakland wouldnt wanna risk a legal engagement involving it maybe tempting the gov't to shut it down. do you know any doctors in the area that would perscribe?


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Hey you are not so far from me! I am also a med user in the South Bay. You would need to go to Oakland, Hayward, or San Fransisco for clubs altho there is some delivery services in the area. The county card is optional. I do not have it and wouldn't get it. All you need is a doctors recomendation. Look online on norml.org to find a doctor.
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