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Sativa Vs Indica

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I personally prefer sativa's more cerebral high (i like trippy shit). Indica is great, but i still like sativa more. Too bad its hard to find pure sativa over here (i guess cause its hard to grow and most of the shit here is domestic). What do u guys think?!
i dont like feeling stoned as much as i just like to be high.

geting all sleepy and shit is somthing i do to much anyway.
i hold with sativa allllllllll the way... mmmmmmmm
I use to get pure sativa for cheap cause a good friend was growing it, it was the weirdest high I've ever had. It had a few stages too lol, you'd bogue then you'd be all hyper then u'd start to burn out and half way through the burn out people would get horny. It was weird, but good sometimes ;)
i like a 3/4 hybrid mix. sativa as the majority. i like this because i can be nice an yippy an hyper if want, but noone wants to be around someone like that all the time, so the indica part i feel i can control myself more, an still be stoned. well w/e lol
sativa generally...but i like to keep a stash of indica buds around though...