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seed question


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hey all.....im new..got a nice lookin plant goin ,started a journal called bagseeds first grow
ok the seed i have going came from a really nice bud. it was the lone seed...some really good herb.

what does that mean...was it a hermaphrodite? there has to be pollen present right? i saw the term female pollen used somewhere...is that something? yall are talkin about strains..(think im gonna buy some seeds)
it was just a really good lookin seed from some really good pot...

please let the feedback begin!!!:thumb:


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Welcome to :420:

To produce a seed pollen from a male or hermy plant has to come in contact with the pistils of a female or hermy plant.
Finding a seed means that your Cannabis was either a female, or hermy plant, that was fertilized by the pollen of a male or hermy. I'm fairly certain that hermy plants can self fertilize as well.

I haven't seen anything about female pollen as of yet.

And a hermaphrodite typically is produced/created when a plant from feminized seed is stressed, usually to a high degree. I haven't read anything about FEMALE plants going hermy, but I suppose it might be possible.
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