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Senate Sponsor Of Medical Pot Bill Remains Optimistic

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New York - Although the state failed to adopt a budget that would have legalized medical marijuana, the Senate sponsor of the Compassionate Care Act says there is a chance the bill could become law this session. The bill hit several landmarks this session including the governor offering tentative support to exploring the benefits of medicinal cannabis by proposing a pilot program, the Senate conducting its first public hearing on the legislation and the Assembly inclusion of the Compassionate Care Act in its one-house budget proposal. Advocates were hopeful the house's inclusion would force state leaders to discuss and implement a medical marijuana system, but New York adopted its fourth on-time budget without the legislation.

The bill's Senate sponsor Diane Savino fired back at Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, last week after reports that the speaker said the bill (A.6357/S.4406) had no future this session. Savino remarked that the Compassionate Care Act continues to gain traction in the Legislature – several senators, including at least three Republicans announced this session that they are open to some form of medical marijuana. "It's interesting to hear Speaker Silver's comments on this matter, but truthfully, I wasn't aware he was elected to the Senate last week," said Savino, D-Staten Island. "The fact of the matter is that each week, we continue to generate broad, bipartisan support for the Compassionate Care Act in the Senate, just as we have among the general public. The Compassionate Care Act is coming to New York, the only question is when."

Last week, Savino filed a "Request for Committee Consideration, which could force the Health Committee to vote on the bill and potentially bring it to the Senate floor. Silver responded, pointing out the Assembly has historically supported the legislation and taken the unprecedented move of including medical marijuana legislation in their one-house budget resolution. "In fact, the Assembly has passed the measure many times since 2007. To date the Senate has not acted on the legislation," Silver said in a statement. "Should the Senate decide to take up the bill, we would be delighted to pass it once again. I hope this is the year New York finally has a medical marijuana law."


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The main opponent of the Compassionate Care Act is republican conservatives. No republican has won statewide office without the backing of the Conservative Party of New York in 30 years. The republican think tank is run from New York City by Michael R. Long, who used to run it out of his liquor store, Long's Wine & Liquor in Brooklyn. They successfully blocked same sex marriage for many years, till he was publicly shamed as the REAL opponent. Shame on the senate republicans for keeping New York from natural, healing medicine for all ages. Saying no to cannabis because it might hurt liquor sales is a new low for New York republicans. Doctors should decide, not "drug war" dogma! I hope Sen, Diane Savino gets this passed, she's a hero! Please write your politicians in Albany to support The Compassionate Care Act today!
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