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Serious Temp/Darkness Issues - Please Help

I am having some REAL temp/light issues! I have been attempting to prepare my room for blooming. The problem is that when I manage to get the room to a state of total darkness, my temps started to approach 100 degrees within 20 minutes! Of course, I did the right thing & opened my room to external light (& air intake/exhaust), returning them veg until I can figure this out. This is as dark as I can get it & not have the temps go fkn' crazy.

My entire room is 25'sq. The grow area is approximately 20'sq. (not separated from the rest of the room — yeah, I'm not making the most of my lighting — sorry  ). I am running (2) x 400w MH/HPS. Both have Hortilux SuperHPS lamps producing 55,000 lumens each. One has a glass-bottomed, air-cooled hood with 6" ports. The other is just a plain gull-wing reflector with no inherent cooling. It is, however, dimmable (down to 200w). I am also running nearly 265w (true wattage, not replacement wattage) of CFL lighting (down from over 500w), & an additional 150w HPS lamp in a homemade hanger (it is pretty ugly, but I was piece-meal-DIY until I purchased the 'good' lights). I was also running (2) x 40w T12's, but I cut them out in addition to half of my CFL lights. I am thinking of ditching the extra 150w HPS, as well. Here it is.

My ventilation/circulation system consists of (2) x 6" inline fans, (1) x 8" oscillating fan, (1) x 16" oscillating fan, (1) x 10" pivot fan, (1) x 20" box fan, & (1) x dual-bladed 8" intake/exhaust fan. I have both inline fans running out of the window-side port of the cool-hood into a 6" x 4" reducer & about 4' of 4" aluminum flex-tubing, all venting to a small opening in the window covering, which has the dual-bladed fan exhausting to the outside. I also have the pivot fan circulating a spiral current of air across the plants down from the corner opposite the window, hopefully aiding in exhaust.

I don't want to run an A/C, but I may not have any other choice. I have read several tutorials on plant adaptability, as it relates to temp. The best, most comprehensive article was written, of course, by Nebula Haze  She says that TOTAL darkness is absolutely necessary for proper blooming (I knew this already). From all of her wisdom, I gathered that as long as I keep the humidity low & plenty of circulation, I can run at temps of up to 85F without supplemental CO2 & up to 95F with supplemental CO2. She claims that retarded vertical growth is the main threat during veg, & negative effects on odor, taste, & even potency are the primary dangers during bloom. I would rather lose a little height during veg than lose 'The Good Stuff' during bloom. I know that interruptions during the night (dark) portion of the photoperiod can result in a hermaphroditic switch. I refuse to risk any hermies ([7] bag seeds; [7] females that's a sweet blessing  — & @ [13] weeks into veg, I can tell by the pre-flowers). I now have them on a 14/10 lighting schedule to keep them ready to seamlessly transition in the blooming phase.
The plants seem happy, though. I have the original (7) plants from (2) varieties of bag seed which have been in veg for (13) weeks, now. Additionally, I have (2) clones from them in 'Hempy Buckets', & (6) x '3D' (Deep-Dark-Dank — a locally perfected, mostly Indica sledgehammer!) (2) week-old children (praying for GIRLS  ). I have several more '3D' seeds, so I just HAD to start the first (6) right away (although, the intent was to start them @ 12/12). They all look pretty damned good — especially the 'Old Girls' 

My questions are:
What is the highest temps at which anyone has ever successfully bloomed?
Can I cool just the canopy to an acceptable temp & the rest of the room can stay hotter than hell? (If the plants are alright, does the ambient room temps even matter?)
Does anyone have any suggestions which involve no money (I have [1] more 6" on the way. After that, my funds are exhausted!).
Thanks. Keep Smiling 
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