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One year after machine-gun toting DEA agents raided WAMM's garden at dawn,
destroying the Alliance's 2002 medical marijuana crop, WAMM continues to
challenge the notion that feds can invade medical gardens that have been deemed
legal under state law.

Sure, Judge Jeremy Fogel of San Jose's federal District Court did acknowledge
medical marijuana's benefits, but this was in the context of dismissing the
lawsuit that seven WAMM members and the city and county brought against the DEA
as a result of the 2002 raid.

As WAMM co-founder Valerie Corral put it, "It's tragic that this sympathy,
compassion and recognition of medical marijuana's benefits were not given legal
effect. Marijuana is medicine. It's time to stop treating patients like

As attorneys for WAMM plan to appeal Fogel's ruling, WAMM is throwing its first
WAMMfest, a fundraiser and celebration featuring music, clothes, foods,
glassware, jewelry, snacks--and of course, everything cannabis.

But Corral dismisses the notion that the fest will be a big smoke-out, noting
that there will be a place where people will medicate, but it will be "strictly
regulated, with only card-carrying members participating."

The WAMMfest happens Sunday, Sept. 14, 10am-5pm, San Lorenzo Park;

Pubdate: Wed, 10 Sep 2003
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