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Smoking A Joint And Eating A Cannabis Cupcake Are Not The Same Thing, New Ad Campaign

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The Marijuana Policy Project, the largest pot policy organization in America, launched an ad campaign which distinguishes between the effects of smoking marijuana versus eating it. "People just aren't informed," said Mason Tvert, director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project. "And it's because marijuana has been illegal and kept in the shadows for so long."

Actually, though, if you think about it, it IS important to understand as recreational marijuana advocacy continues to grow in this country. No longer a dry nation, America has regulation variants on beer and rum and wine–because they are all made differently and all carry different potencies. This is what the Marijuana Policy Project is trying to point out–that smoking a joint and eating a cannabis cupcake are not the same thing.

The Project's billboard shows a confused or frustrated women sitting in a hotel room. The ad reads: "Don't let a candy bar ruin your vacation. With edibles, start low and go slow." Specifically, though, the Project aims to educate people on how to enjoy legal recreational pot responsibly–and that is why they put up their billboard in Denver–where many people are heading thanks to the new marijuana laws.

They also set up a website called ConsumeResponsibly.org, which has information about marijuana products, their effects, including negative effects like "increased heart rate and a sense of paranoia", and the laws surrounding them. According to the Mason Tvert, the billboard treats marijuana consumers like people capable of making responsible decisions with cannabis, as long as they're educated about it. Like any other substance which could be inhaled or digested, metabolizing the active ingredient in marijuana takes longer when you eat it than when you smoke it. Unfortunately, those who have only smoked and are still new to pot edibles, often make the mistake of thinking it isn't working and eating more only to realize their mistake 30-60 minutes later.

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