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Some assistance needed. Ebb n Flow/ SOG / LED


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Hello everyone. I am starting up small operation and was looking for some help. I am starting with one led light Pro-Grow 260

And setting up an ebb and flow system with hydroton balls as the medium.

1. I couldn't get much info on the coverage of that light. But at 12" above the canopy i think think i could get good results covering a 2' x 2.5' area. I want to get a bigger tray but don't know if the light could handle it. I am not restricted by space, just money, so i could change the dimensions. My first question is what would be an optimal tray size for growing SOG under that light?

2. I will be topping all the plants once and growing them 18"-24" tall. I want to begin flowering at around 8"-9". Does this seem like a good plan? How tall should they be when i top them?

3. What size pots should i use? I was thinking 9". If i did use 9" pots i would put 6 pots in two rows. Or should i go with smaller pots?

4. I am planning on enriching the Co2 levels. Would i then still have to ventilate the room with an exhaust and intake? I will obviously still have a fan inside moving the air.

The sooner i get answer to my questions the sooner i could get everything going and perhaps start an informative journal. Thnx everyone
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