South African farmer arrested after snake guards marijuana crop


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Johannesburg - South African police have arrested a farmer after they discovered a greenhouse full of marijuana plants -- guarded by a snake in a glass cage.

Paula Nothnagel said the 37-year-old farmer was caught when police discovered the dope -- which was being farmed and dried in greenhouses on his farm near Magaliesburg, about 80 kilometres (50 miles) northwest of Johannesburg, the SAPA news agency reported.

"There was a special room for drying the dagga," said Nothnagel, using the South African term for the drug.

"The room had lines of ropes where the dagga was being hanged. The one greenhouse with the fully matured dagga plants were guarded by an indigenous snake in a glass cage," she was quoted as saying.

The farmer will appear in a nearby magistrate's court Friday on charges of illegal possession of marijuana as well as keeping a snake without a permit.

The snake, the species of which was unknown, will be taken to the nearby Hartebeespoort Snake Park for safekeeping and rehabilitation before being released into the wild, Nothnagel said.

Source: Yahoo News
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