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Taking A Trip to Amsterdam!


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Well ive done it I am finally planning the trip of my DREAMS:439: to amsterdam but first before anything can be put in to play i have to as for everbodys help to try to figure out all the details..

first, from what i heard there is a different age limit to do things there is this true if so what is it? and will this affect my weed smoking..:bong:

second, a place to sleep is all i really need and some were to keep my shit but dont get me wrong i dont want to sleep on the park bench or some shit like that just a cheap hotel or something of that nature i dont want to spend some much money since i wont be there most of the time..:headbang:

third, i know this my sound extremely stupid but amsterdam is a very big place and i was wondering what part of amsterdam is it where they have the weed coffee shops and all the stores that sell weed and the the good pothead hangouts..:hmmmm:

all this info and more will be very usefull thanks 420 members and more peace and weed to u and urs...thank U:smoke2:
Re: Taking A Trip to Amsterdam!!!!

Save yourself the time and hassle. Go down to the sponsor forum and sign up with the 420 travel agency place. Make sure you tell them 420times sent you.

They will guide you through everything you need to know, from local customs (don't smoke in public, how not to be rude in a foreign culture), to where the hip places are to go.

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Re: Taking A Trip to Amsterdam!!!!

1. 18+ to enter a coffeshop

2. stay here > The Flying Pig | The Flying Pig It's a hostel and it's very cheap and POT FRIENDLY, wish I stayed there cause you can meet so many ppl your age and there's free breakfast. I would stay in the downtown location.

3. Amsterdam isn't really that big and there are 300 coffeeshops and they are EVERYWHERE but city center is probably Dam Square.
expect to walk alot, but thats not really a bad thing, it's fun

when are you expecting to leave???
Re: Taking A Trip to Amsterdam!!!!

Plan on leaving in the timeframe of Late June to late July. Don't know exact date yet, waiting on replies from my friends so we can coordinate whats best for our work schedule.

One thing. I don't have a passport yet and my room mate says it takes months to get one and I might not get one in time by July? That doesn't make sense to me. Is this true?
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