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Please join us in thanking Sensi Seeds for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world.

420 Magazine began life 24 years ago in an endeavor to end prohibition by creating a forum where appreciation and awareness of the Cannabis plant could flourish. We are not only the oldest Cannabis community website, we are also, thanks to our large and sophisticated membership, recognized as the gold standard for knowledge sharing. To continue offering this free service we rely on like-minded sponsors such as Sensi Seeds, to whom we are truly grateful. Please support our Mission by supporting them. Our sponsors make 420 Magazine possible.

About Sensi Seeds
Ben Dronkers is a Cannabis entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder of Sensi Seeds. In the early seventies, Ben discovered the many benefits of the cannabis plant while travelling abroad to purchase hemp clothing. He thinks back with a smile: "I asked the farmers about the cannabis fields and they gave a knowing laugh. One of them gave me a handful of cannabis seeds as a gift and told me that the seeds were very important. This led me to save them, to learn more about the properties of seeds from different regions, and to collect even more cannabis seeds." A passion was born.

Sensi Seeds was a pioneer of the cannabis seed industry in 1985. Today, the company is the world's largest cannabis seedbank with over 500 varieties. These genetics and the brand name have become true classics in the cannabis community. The Dutch government chose Sensi Seeds genetics to develop the medicinal cannabis supplied by pharmacies.

Sensi Seeds aims for the normalization of cannabis use and recognition of the plant's therapeutic and industrial benefits. This led the company to open the world's first cannabis museum in 1985. The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum is now present in both Amsterdam and Barcelona and has welcomed over two million visitors.

Together with the museum, Sensi Seeds regularly hosts the Cannabis Culture Awards. This award celebrates those who have taken a stand for the acceptance of cannabis. Past winners include Sir Richard Branson, and former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Dries van Agt.

On their clean and easily navigable website you'll find a comprehensive range of seeds, from regular photoperiod to autos, feminized and medical strains. There are multiple cup winners as well as recommendations for beginners. Whether you're growing indoors or out, you can't fail to find the right strain for you.

Whilst Sensi Seeds can ship their merchandize to most of the world, seeds themselves can only be shipped within Europe. Sensi Seeds understands that customers rely on complete discretion, especially when it comes to what orders look like when they are packaged. All products are prepared in discreet and sturdy white paper packages lined with plastic bubble wrap to protect the items within. The company values the privacy of customers highly, and endeavours to protect this at every stage. Shopping, payment processing and client aftercare all have this privacy factor built in.

Sensi Seeds is committed to preserving the genetic diversity and accessibility of the cannabis plant for future generations, and disseminating information and knowledge about the beneficial effects the plant can have when used appropriately


Oudezijds Achterburgwal 150
1012 DV

Telephone: 0031 (0) 206-262-988

Website: Sensi Seeds


Thank you Sensi Seeds for your support in our mission. We are truly grateful!

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