The 420 Magazine Mission, Message & Paying It Forward

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From the 420 Magazine Staff to its loyal members and other interested parties,

The following open letter reviews the history and Mission of 420 Magazine, discusses our current existential challenge, and asks our members for their ongoing understanding and support.

In 1993 420 Magazine's founder received a felony for Possession with Intent to Distribute Cannabis; typifying the treatment of passive Cannabis consumers of the time. This unjust persecution lit the fires of passion that led to the formation of 420 Magazine, which in turn has collectively fought for nearly thirty years to support the repeal of all Cannabis prohibition laws and penalties throughout the world. Not another person should suffer incarceration because of these unjust and racist laws.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our long time supporters, our hardworking volunteers, donations from altruists, and our loyal Sponsors, we humbly feel we've been making a difference in this existential fight. We know we can't fulfill our Mission without you.

We now however find ourselves at a crossroads. Our membership base is being actively recruited by members, ex-members, and a Sponsor. 420 Magazine wishes to coexist with all who share our values and mission and we believe the Internet is freedom. Our issue is not that people choose to belong to multiple platforms, our issue by analogy is the Ford salesman inside the Chevrolet showroom, using the Chevrolet computer system to call Chevrolet customers to sell them Fords.

We select our Sponsors carefully to ensure this harmony is maintained. When we sign an Agreement with any Sponsor, we agree not to encroach on the Sponsor's area of focus and the Sponsor agrees not to set up a competitive forum or to recruit members to any other social networking platform. In some industries "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" (Oscar Wild), in ours, it's the "Road to Ruin" (The Ramones).

Our operational model relies on ad venue from our loyal Sponsors to fund our operational expenses. Like much of social media, the content generated by our members attracts new members, who frequent our Sponsors. Our Sponsors earn revenue, our members receive specialized content they seek, and 420 Magazine is able to continue providing the platform where we can show our grows, spread Cannabis awareness, and teach others about the plant we all love.

We understand and begrudgingly accept that some are in it for the money, (to each their own). Our appeal is to our growers and members that are in it with us for the sake of our collective Mission. You, are hugely important to our movement. We need you and your content in order to continue to spread our message of Cannabis awareness across the planet. We ask that you continue to "pay it forward". If you've learned or benefited from the site, please continue to help the new generation coming through that needs your knowledge. Visit wherever you like, but please remember 420 Magazine. Please continue to support our Sponsors that sell their products to help our members. Please do not participate in badmouthing 420 Magazine and staff or try to convince friends and members to abandon the site or recruit our members (i.e. use our systems and platform to try to get members to quit and go elsewhere). That's a “low brow” move and beneath the character of our long time members .

Please also understand that this mission is not about the money for us, we don't want to be Instagram or some huge nameless faceless corporation growing rich off of the trend du-jour. We're happy to remain the center of excellence for Cannabis activism and we hope you'll continue to work with us until we succeed in freeing the flower from the unjust laws, unfair stigma and relentless persecution of its followers.

We thank you for taking the time to read our letter and for your ongoing support.

The 420 Magazine Staff
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