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On Monday and Tuesday, September 22 and 23, 2003, Cheryl Miller's family
and friends will join with medical marijuana supporters to memorialize her
life and contributions to the medical marijuana movement. Though she was
paralyzed by decades of multiple sclerosis, Cheryl and her husband and
caregiver Jim waged a long and courageous battle so patients like Cheryl
would not have to suffer when a safe medicine, marijuana, could be easily
available were it not for politics keeping it illegal and out of the hands
of those who could benefit. Cheryl's long struggle came to an end on June
7, 2003.

As most of her friends were unable to make memorials in New Jersey and her
native Oklahoma, Jim decided that it would be fitting to have a memorial
for Cheryl in Washington, D.C., a city she had visited 10 times to help
educate people about medical marijuana.
For years, Cheryl had been wanting to do a candlelight vigil in Washington,
but unfortunately that wish was not fulfilled in her lifetime.

It will be fulfilled the evening of Monday, September 22, 2003, outside the
U.S. Supreme Court. On Tuesday September 23, there will be a press
conference and a day for medical marijuana patients and supporters to visit
congressional offices to educate elected representatives about the
realities patients face each day. And supporters who cannot make it to
Washington will be encouraged to contact elected representatives in
Washington in a coordinated national call-in day and participate in other
local actions.

The Cheryl Miller Memorial Project is a collaboration of a number of drug
policy reform groups and individuals including:

The Cherylheart Project, Is My Medicine Legal YET?, Americans for Safe
Access, Drug Policy Alliance, Coalition for Medical Marijuana--New Jersey,
DrugSense, DRCNET, MPP, NORML, Ohio Patient Network, SSDP, Ron
Crickenberger - Libertarian for Congress; with more participants to be

The Project's website is nearing completion at:

Home Page of the Cheryl Miller Memorial Project

Today we are asking for help in having one of the banners found at:

Banners from the Cheryl Miller Memorial Project

added to websites, and linked to the Project website.

Thank you for your assistance!
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