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It shouldn't be hard to tell what this column is about from the title of it. It's about marijuana, a drug that's much less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol and yet is demonized for reasons that befuddle this writer's mind.

I'm not going to lay out the same old tired argument that potheads have used for the past half a century. But you won't see homeless potheads sitting on street corners begging for five bucks to get a bag of weed, or you won't hear about a couple stoners robbing the local gas station to get money to buy some pot. You won't hear about the hundreds of thousands of dead because of its use. My argument for why marijuana should be legal comes from a strict monetary outlet. The United States can be making so much money off taxing legalized marijuana that a sizable chunk of the federal deficit could be erased within years.

Let's Look At The Numbers.

In the Netherlands you can buy an eighth of an ounce of marijuana for the equivalent of 15 dollars American, or so I've read somewhere. Here, people are paying up to 60 dollars and beyond for the stuff, or so I've heard. If the government grew marijuana, it would make almost pure profit, especially if it didn't allow corporations to get their greedy hands on the product.

So, let's say the cost of an eighth of an ounce would be 60 dollars. Subtract fifteen dollars for land upkeep, packaging and transportation ( if that ). Ninety-four million Americans have admitted to smoking marijuana, but we'll go for a safer estimate and say 10 percent of the population would buy one of these eighths. That's over one billion dollars of pure profit, just from each pothead buying once.

And it doesn't even include the savings earned from such things as a reduction in law enforcement expenditures. It would effectively neuter some Latin American and Mexican drug kingpins who make their wealth getting the drug into our country. While arrests for driving under the influence would almost surely go up, taxpayer money wouldn't be needed to support the amount of the prison population that is serving time for marijuana possession. College and high school students wouldn't have to worry about losing all chances at federal aid if caught with the slightest bit of weed. Cancer patients and people suffering from other diseases won't have to worry about the cops breaking down their doors for trying to ease their pain in the cheapest way.

I'm not saying that marijuana is a good thing. I've seen what it does to some people, robbing them of ambition and intelligence. But I've also seen what cigarettes and alcohol do to people, and those legal drugs are more harmful than marijuana could ever be.

Source: Indiana Statesman (IN Edu)
Copyright: 2007 Indiana Statesman
Contact: sasedtpg@isugw.indstate.edu
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New Member
Let legalize it.
I may want write to you 420 Magazine.
Next fall I prayed it for new president 2007 of Nov. election.
We will try to see if we can get on and work on this fellow, his name is Steve Kubby.
I like see him to become president and solved this problems it go to fed, local enforcement, local govenment and any states police and states govements should be legalize it.
I also believe ,if federal govenment just go head and selling marijuana for patient and or user.
Then they can use for tax money for profit instead arresting our people who use smoke marijuana and or using for marijuana medical.
But, what i don,t understand in L.A.,Calf. DEA raid in doctors office or clinical.
DEA has no right to raid that all the pots is not belong to DEA and Federal Govenment.
DEA must return there belong to clinic and they also it must leave them alone.
The patient really need it.
It not pleasure feeling high,
it getting rid of pain and I don,t blame it.
My gosh DEA give me break what wrong them.
Who they think they are.
This contry is a freedom?
They claim united states is freedom, there wrong.
Why should we.
Yes to freedom no freedom for marijuana user and our patient?
This is pathatic!.
I don,t understand why this country really destroy our enjoy smoking marijuana.
A marijuana is lot less harmful then alcohol and tobaccos.
I had to quit smoking cirgarett since 1981.
All I want is smoke again and my eye I notice it my eye sight. is getting worse as I getting old.
My friend 420 magzine.
you and I are good team together.
I also will contact all my local legislator and local congress in the state of Alabama not only here, all 50 states.
Remember vote Steve Kubby for me ok?
Thank you for spend the time with you and may god bless you and your co workers.
Sign (AG4NK)
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