The True Origin of 420: Setting The Record Straight


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lets not forget that 1420 was a good year in the shire for long bottom leaf. tolkin was also writing long before 1970. or maybe i just have a gooder imagination. :)


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I believe that the date was Oct. 3, 1970 at 4:20PM. This astrological chart closely parallels the forming of the semi-secret group with heavy Scorpio and the 8th house (representing hidden or behind the scenes events). Neptune ruing drugs and marijuana is strong in Scorpio. This chart is rock solid in that Saturn is in three trines with Neptune and other planets in Virgo. The 420 symbol is universal now in it's application for cannabis.


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Don't know which story is true, but this one seems a little more believable.. The waldo's version sounds like it was made up by a writer that was inspirered by The Body (stand by me, movie). And somebody that's smoked too much, he's forgetting to put the " imagine..." Before continuing with his sentence, lol.. I think Waldo's used the term, maybe even popularised it through their own networks. But I think it was picked up by them... Did a little more research and found an article where the main Waldo dude talks about this story and how it's not true and after reading what he said, this version seems even more legit, lol...


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This is the FIRST TIME that I ran into this post!! Rob, Great job in tracking down this group of guys and finding out the TRUTH which cuts through all the bullshit that you read about this phrase.

RD :peace::peace:


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This was written one day before my birthday! People also call me Raldo.. and always ask "Wheres Raldo?!". so i guess i kinda have a little connection to those deceiving Waldo's


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While a great story indeed, I am going to be forced to say IMHO that is exactly all it is. A great story. I am 55 years old and had all kinds of great and terrible things happen to me in the course of my high school. I clearly remember everything from the 1st time I actually smoked pot to the 1st time I go pulled over by the police, while having an ounce of weed in my car under the seat. Now ask me if it was a Saturday or a Thursday that it happened. Heck I do not remember what day it was, and find it hard to believe that someone who themselves said it was no big deal, just another of his typical things that he did, would remember 37 years later that it was October 3rd at exactly 420 pm. Now I can remember my most memorable birthday party as a child, it was June 29 only because that is my birthday, every year. What time was the party? Assuming it was daytime but heck I don't remember. For me there are just way to many holes in the story to be taken as fact.

I will say it was an interesting read though, just not sure if I personally would say it was factual but you are all welcome to believe it if you like. It did have to start somewhere and someone did have to coin the phrase. Maybe I am all wrong and people are able to remember 37 years ago what they were doing on October 3rd 1970. I know I can't.


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Although this is a rather old article, I found it to be a very interesting read. I honestly never really thought that much detail went into the true origin of 420, but I suppose for as wide-spread as it had gotten, it only makes sense that the marijuana 420 would have had to be passed around both by word of mouth and reference or why else would it be so widely known?


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I have always known the meet at 420 by the tree story. I really haven't heard this and it seems it has been out for awhile. Its interesting how one story sticks with people and stretched.


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Really interesting stuff. I'm too young to know anything about what was going on in the 70s , but I went to middle/ high school in San Rafael and remember the Waldo's and 420s origins having been a source of pride for all my friend that went to SRHS. Everyone loves a good story.

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