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The truth according to Mr. Kurlee


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Hi. It's hard to say I'm a "new guy" at my age, but I am what I am. Here goes:

The truth is that the two-party system has failed in this country, as party politics regularly take precedent over the issues that politicians are supposed to be solving.

The truth is that, in the movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Keanu Reeves was told that the events were really happening to him. (citation needed)

The truth is that meat tastes better than all the other kinds of food.

The truth is that every generation believes themselves to be living through a cultural void, and that the arts are not intended for contemporary audiences.

The truth is that no man can be called "legendary" while he is alive, and also that no "legendary" man ever chose to be so titled.

Discuss? (Bong in hand, of course.)

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