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They tried to take me down!!

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I'm one of the first Canadians to recieve exemption from prosecution to use marijuana medicinally.
There is over 50 of us with Federal exemptions now. We have been left to fend for ourselves on the
streets and the black market for our medicine.The gov't has left us hung out to die. This is
unacceptable to me and my sick friends.So we organized a co-operative grow operation for
ourselves.Last week the land loard broke in ,found my garden and phoned the police.The drug
squad arrived with a warrent and tried to take it down.I arrived with law professor Alan Young.They
left empty handed,using their warrent to dry the tears.Unfortunately,the landloard has served me
with eviction and loced me out.200 plants are now dead or dieing.
Watch the news this week.I am going to take my lawyer and the national media with me .When i
see the damage and loss inside the grow room,so too will the rest of the contry.
Perhaps this will draw attention to our plight.We are now fucked for medicine again.We need
medicine like "yesterday".We need $$$ NOW ! It's the sick and dieing that won the constitutional
right to use marijuana medicinally in Canada.Decriminalization will follow.But on diassability and
sick,we can't be expected to fund this battle on our own.We need help,please.Open your minds
,hearts and wallets for us.For the future of change.
peace and freedom :)
Steven , sonnyboysb@yahoo.com