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Timing a perpetual harvest - helping those in real need


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OK everyone, this one has me stumped.

I am trying to transition into a quasi-perpetual harvest. Until now, I have grown solely one crop at a time, both indoors and outdoors.

Here are some things to consider:

1) I grow with Botanicare Kind nutrients AFTER veg.
2) Veg nutrients are given by sequential repotting into larger containers of VermiFire soil right from the bag
3) I have 3 tents. One fore propagation, one for veg, and one for bloom.
4) I can handle (in tents) 15 clones, 6 veg plants, and 6 bloom plants.
5) Because of location, hydro is not an option
6) The two smaller tents (propagation and veg) are with T5's. Bloom is 1k HPS.
7) Strains are both HSO - Purple Trainwreck and Em Dog. Both flower in ~60 days
8) I also have seeds for Sweet Cheese, Pink Plant, Amnesia, Blue Cheese, Critical+, Critical SensiStar and a few others if that would make a difference.

I am working with a local collective to bring medicine to the homebound. My goal would be to harvest 4 zips every 4 weeks, but I'm not sure that is possible with my setup. I also want to be able to expand to 8 zips every 3 weeks (this place I'm working with has a REAL SERIOUS need).

Please chime in with any and all comments. I could use any and all help. This is more than a minor deal for me and I want to get it right. It is not profit motivated, and I may even lose some money, but I want to relieve suffering for as many people as I can. Many of the patients are dying or wish they were.




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perpetual run down (not sober edition)

for simplicity sake,
Im going to say you only get 1oz per plant.

every 2 weeks, take a few cuttings from your mom(s).
move the strongest two,to the veg tent once you feel they're ready
keep doing this until the oldest two are ready to flower.
move them to the flowering tent.
(repeat the process)
by the time your two oldest plants are ready to harvest,
you will be on schedule to harvest two plants a week.
all that aside:
I don't know your space, I don't know your plant limit, experience, etc..
So if you can squeeze 4oz out of one plant, you'll only need to run 4 plants in flowering.
4 plants under a 1k hps, each with a 2x2 scrog should easily pull 4-5oz per plant. (provided temps/genetic all that rubbish allowed it)
which means, one a month bam, you're done.

or you could run a 2l SOG perpetual. you can have over 100 2l hempy plants in one 4x4 tent. And with each averaging 10g that adds up pretty quickly.


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Thanks for laying out there so clearly. Totally makes sense now.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it would seem to me that the lynchpin in the whole process is the timing with the rooted clones. From initial cutting to planting, if that timing gets off, the rest of it goes with it...

Thanks again!



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Basically yea. Thats fixed by allowing some of the excess clones you took to go veg, and cull if you run out of room. The added benefit of that, is you get a plant or two that will veg twice as long as your normal rotation. So it provides a buffer, and almost like a quarterly bonus on your yields.
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