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Township Won't Regulate Medical Marijuana

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Gun Plain Township officials have decided not to regulate medical marijuana.

Township officials approved a motion at their Thursday, June 2, regular meeting which effectively had the township bow out of the debate.

Township supervisor Mike VanDenBerg said the planning commission had made its recommendation.

"The planning commission made a motion to uphold the federal law against medical marijuana because federal law basically trumps state law," VanDenBerg said. "That passed 6-1."

The township board has passed two moratoriums, keeping any medical marijuana caregivers from setting up in the township until the board had created regulations. The current one will run out at the end of June.

Now, the township will no longer be involved in the process, one way or the other.

"If anyone does it, it's up to the feds to enforce," VanDenBerg said.

During debate, he said there was a danger local officials who approve ordinances could be federally prosecuted.

"The feds are saying that if these local medical marijuana ordinances are approved they're going to go after the local officials," VanDenBerg said.

News accounts state that two U.S. attorneys in the state of Washington made the threat against state officials, but no actual prosecutions have happened.

Township trustee Scott Corbin moved to follow the planning commission recommendation.

"I make a motion to support the planning commission in upholding federal law against the use of medical marijuana," Corbin said.

Township officials approved the motion on a vote of 7-0.

The cities of Plainwell and Otsego have both approved ordinances regulating medical marijuana caregivers as a home-based business. This means anyone wishing to set up as a medical marijuana caregiver under the regulations included in the voter referendum passed in 2008, will have to register with the city.

People wishing to set up in the township will have no local regulation.

Township trustee Ron Kopka said the Michigan legislature and courts were failing to do something to give locals guidance.

"I'd also give my regular speech that the state needs to do something," Kopka said.

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