Tropicanna Poison F1 - ViparSpectra XS2000


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Day 100 Tropicanna poison 11L pot Purple Pheno, 25L pot different pheno. Both love life under ViparSpectra XS2000 behaving like a champ! Very pleased with the PPFD(PAR) footprint of the light and am really excited for this round! Buds are fattening up and building trichomes like crazy!


Day 103 Tropicana poison 11L, 25L both of them are starting to gain height and width, lots of trichomes showing up daily! It will be a frosty journey! They react very well to the full spectrum of the ViparSpectra XS2000. Curious if these 2 in particular will be done faster, because of the F1 genes they have, lets grow!


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