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VA: Industrial Hemp Event Taking Place At Virginia State University

Ron Strider

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A first-of-its-kind public event on industrial hemp will be held Aug. 17 at Virginia State University’s Randolph Farm.

The field day will be open to potential growers, researchers, marketing experts and industrial hemp producers to discuss the future of the crop in Virginia and neighboring states.

Information will be shared on the challenges of growing industrial hemp, the available and potential markets for industrial hemp products, and the feasibility of hemp processing to help farmers decide whether to consider growing the crop.

Industrial hemp is a versatile crop that can be processed into different products with multiple uses. Its stalk can be used to produce biofuel, auto parts, paper, upholstery, fiber for cloths and other textiles, building materials, and more. Industrial hemp seeds can be used for animal feed and human food, or used as oil sources for lotion and cosmetic products.

Virginia State University is one of Virginia’s higher learning institutions authorized to conduct industrial hemp research. VSU began conducting field research on industrial hemp in 2016.

This event is free and open to the public.


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