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We're Seeing The Surest Signs The War On Weed Is Finally Going Up In Smoke

Katelyn Baker

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Recent moves from some states to medicalize or legalize marijuana, coupled with the potential rescheduling of the drug by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), give positive signs that the century-long war on weed may be going up in smoke.

Paul Armentano, deputy director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), spoke with The Daily Caller News Foundation about the trend towards legalization. NORML's objective is to "move public opinion sufficiently to legalize and regulate the responsible use of marijuana by adults."

"Public support for ending America's nearly century-long experiment with marijuana prohibition and replacing it with a taxed and regulated adult marketplace has never been greater," Armentano said. "The majority of Americans are aware that the ongoing enforcement of cannabis prohibition financially burdens taxpayers, encroaches upon civil liberties, engenders disrespect for the law, impedes legitimate scientific research into the plant's therapeutic properties, and disproportionately impacts young people and communities of color."

The District of Columbia along with 24 states already legalized marijuana for medical use, while Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington have fully legalized it for recreational use. A further seven states will be voting on either full legalization or medicalization in November. Oklahoma, Missouri, Montana, and North Dakota are currently trying to get enough signatures for the measure to appear on the ballot this November.


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Full Article: We're Seeing The Surest Signs The War On Weed Is Finally Going Up In Smoke
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