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What 420 means to other people

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i remember a couple years ago i saw widespread panic in new orleans for the jazz fest... huge thing, it's the only place where you can see Dave Mathews for under like 30 bucks...lol.

anyway, they walked off stage and everyone was like "WTF?" and then we all realized in was 4:20. they came back on 10 min later and were like "sorry about that yall, we're sure you understand"

it took them a while to get insync, but when they started jamming... ohhhh fuck.

nice time.
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actually, there's a long story behind that... the whole band aren't potheads, and dave doesnt smoke as much.

you think thats tight though, download 'tripping billies live on vh1 story tellers'... its really tight what the song is about.