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Are those canna chocolate chip cookies in the photo?


Welcome to 420 and thanks for following me. So.... Are you a girl? Your post on the thread Any other female growers out there? was ambiguous at best. :3:
Your are one of the nicest members here your wife is a lucky lady! This is for the both of you.:10: If you weren't a woman yourself.
Date: do you wanna come up for a coffee..?

me: no thanks, I hate stairs..

date: coffee means sex..


me: How many stairs are there?
Hey everyone , I want to hear ideas on how people lightproof their flower tents , because the flaps open = seeds in some Plant’s it did for me anyway so I’ve tried the run air duct , so I just want to hear some creative ideas on how to lightproof our flower spaces air intakes
I may not have any friends,
But at least I know my dog will never ask me to help him move!
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