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one more done well buddy I planned on harvesting next weekend took a look and realized I need to harvest this weekend lots of amber and cloudy and found a few that were starting to degrade almost black. this is old stuff to you ,being able to harvest once a month man they need to fix our laws you grow more at one time Than I can all year lol; But I wanted to thank you for your help and support. now ya get to watch my hair catch on fire over living soil lol actully this will probably be the easiest grow Ive done allI gotta do is water it lol. How far are you from your first harvest from the vivohut?

Hope all is well Ill talk to ya soon
Stay safe
Good morning to you Bill (Kent, UK).

Not sure If you remember but we briefly spoke about 5 or 6 weeks ago, I guess. I was on MG and Glookies Auto. With a very scrapbook set up 😂

Well, I am much further down the line but have been pre occupied with hospital appointments etc as we have a new addition to the family on the way. My set up is now complete. I'm very happy with it and I'm at a very late stage where I'm keeping tabs on trichomes and researching flushing.

Whilst I began with two autos, at five weeks I planted another two in the same tent. 2/3 weeks later I switched to 12/12 to get the bigger of the ladies flowering - but accidently encouraged the younger two to flower. So I've got 4 beasts out there with big juicy colas.

I guess I was hoping at this stage you could answer a few of my questions and maybe give some solid advice on the flushing process too. I ask you because I have religiously followed the watering/nuting process you advised me on, amongst other tips you taught me. For that I'm very grateful
Hey @StonedCrumpet :ciao:
My apologies for the late reply. :Namaste:
Congratulations on the upcoming baby, hope everything goes well.
I've a new puppy, a little devil.
It's been a crazy week.
Glad your garden is going well.
Do you have a journal going.
I hate talking here, it's a pain.
But I'd love to help in any way I can.
We can use purple pics to chat and get a plan together for you.
If you don't have a journal.
I'll tag you but it's in my signature.
Ok I'll head there now.
When you get a minute we can go over all your questions. :thumb:
Talk soon my friend.
Can you have a plant outside during day getting sun and then put a light in top of it at night for a few extra hours?
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Pat Puffer
Pat Puffer
You sure can. It can keep future outdoor plants from flowering too soon before they get planted outside. Sometimes we may just want to put them outside for some sunlight. As far as they care concerned; light is light.
Pat Puffer
Pat Puffer
And welcome to :420:
It has always been your choice...

Every day you choose to;
Clean your body
Clean your teeth, TWICE
Clean your dishes
Clean the kitchen
Clean up what gets dirty before it becomes smelly, disgusting and full of germs.

The longer it goes between cleanings, the harder it is to clean and the more time it will take.

The ONLY reason you put off cleaning is because shaking chemical solvents is HARD.
If cleaning a bong were as easy as doing the dishes, you would wash the bong daily, just like any dish, glass or pan used to convey stuff into your body...

Maybe... just maybe... shaking is not the right way to clean your glass. Maybe those toxic solvent chemicals cause a lot more damage?

Could using scrubbers, brushes, hot water and the correct kind of cleaner be the right way to clean?

Seems like it since using a brush or scrubber, detergent and hot water is our fastest, most used and highest level of clean achievable in a home.
Maybe you should get the tools to clean like getting a toothbrush, Toilet bowl brush or a scrubby for dishes.
🤣 yes I have smoked through a fly 🪰 or 3 and a roach!
I've smoked through bongs where the water was so thick you couldn't spill it!! Bong mud! 🤣

I vape now!!! 🤣
How dry should I let my coco loco get?? Not Coco coir and perlite..but coco loco fox farms amended coco potting mix!!! Should I let it get bone dry or half dry etc..??? I'm just a little worried I'm letting it get to dry ..idk..I'm trying to err on dry side...any help advice would be great..
hey Buddy ill tag it so ya know where Im at lol @Bill284 how have you been still getting the vivohut dialed in?
I been in classes at 420 U I figured out it is just like college you are like the 4 Rs taught me all the mandatory things ya need to know to start growing and then ya got your specialty classes Im taking a class in organics from Keffka I guess the majors are like organics, Hydro, coco coir ect all the same but diffrent. the stuff I been learning about organics have already showed me how stupid I am :rofl: If I do this right I can grow the best pot I ever grew and not add a thing of food if this works as good as I have learned so far I think I will have found my sweet spot sheet I cant afford to change up again lol. If I have problems and start whining on my next grow remind me its my fault lol
Any way Just wanted to drop ya line hope all is well and stay safe
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Glad to help if I can
@Savvage61 Which journal are you using the natural soil grow?
Ill be doing it in the perpetual Pawpaw's medicine tent I hope to start in about 2 weeks. this will be diffrent. actully im not germination the seed on paper towel Im dropping them in a solo cup and let nature do the work. did ever see the benifits of a seed shell in the germination process ? all kinds of good bacteria. I can tell Im gonna have to retrain my habits Im sure the first couple weeks ill be going thru Nute mixing withdrawal. I wont even mention the article I read about adding worms to your grow, a constant source of worm casings and aeration. Not so sure ill be doing that . of course I would always have worms to take the Gkids fishing lol
Anyone have any experience with growing in coco loco..not Coco!!! Coco loco potting mix..I'm wondering on how much how often to water..I do not plant adding nutes for at least first month....anyway thank yall
Well spring break is over and back to work....oops not work but back to school, still in the Linux class. I had to buy (Linux for dummies, we didn't get a book or notebooks on this, just a website like youtube giving a class. Smoke'm if you got'em!
I really need advice on if I should soak my coco loco pots in a cal mag solution prior to transplanting seedlings in rapid rooters..if so how much?? Etc..?
still kickin, hey bUDDY i HOPE ALL IS WELL
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Thanks Amigo.:ciao:
Had a member over for coffee yesterday. :lot-o-toke:
He brought me 3 fivers of honey oil.:yahoo:
I'm going to have a great weekend. ;)
Hope everything is going well.
Take care.
Talk soon.
Need help germinating some photo periods in paper towel then using rapid rooter with medium after transplant to be coco loco and I'm worried about how much and when to water using coco loco not Coco coir only..anyway any and all help would be cool..I'm technically not a full noob but I have forgot almost everything and have only used Coco coir perlite before with much help during g the process..anyway thank you all
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Water your plants when the soil is dry on top, make aure yr pot has holes in the bottom for run off
Using fabric pots my brother(or sis)
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