Member Of The Year – 2015


Congratulations to our member SweetSue on being the 420 Magazine Member Of The Year! You have shown outstanding effort to better our 420 Magazine community and we are truly grateful for your presence.



In addition to 1,000 rep points and the lasting respect of the 420 Magazine community, SweetSue will receive a considerable prize package courtesy of our lovely Sponsors and 420 Magazine.

From Advanced LED Lights, one Diamond Series XML 350 LED

From Budmaster, one Budmaster II COBx6 LED Grow Light

From DLP Lamp Source LED Grow Lights, one Timber Vero240 LED Grow Light.

From Foods Alive: Hulled Hemp Seeds 8oz, Toasted Hemp Seeds 14oz, Stone Ground Organic Raw Hemp Seed Butter 8oz, Hemp Organic Flax Crackers, Organic Raw Hemp Oil 8oz

From Mars Hydro: Grow Tent

From SmokinJs Alternative Pipe & Tobacco Store Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer & Brand Pack

From Vapor Warehouse, a VB11 Pen Vape

From MagicalButter MagicalButter – CannaButter Making Device

From Sierra Natural Science – Prize Package

SNS-217™ Natural Spider Mite Control (32 Ounce Spray Bottle – Ready To Use), SNS-244™ Natural Fungicide for Powder Mold (32 Ounce Spray Bottle – Ready To Use), SNS-203™ Natural Pesticide Soil Drench for Fungus Gnats, Aphids, Thrips, Shore & White Flies (16 Oz), SNS-209™ Natural Pesticide Systemic Insect Control (16 Oz Pint – Makes 60 Gallons), SNS-604A™ Natural Fertilizer Vegetation Organic Growth Supplement (16 Oz Pint – Makes 64 Gallons), SNS-604B™ Natural Fertilizer Flowering Organic Growth Supplement (16 Oz Pint – Makes 64 Gallons), SNS-311™ All Natural Surface Wash (16 Oz Pint – Makes 1 Gallon)

From BUDVAC Glass Vacuum Storage Containers, one 500ml Vacuum Jar

From SCROGCO, one Scrog Kit

From 420Packaging
Medicine Bottles

From Smoke Cones – King Size Cones

Smoke Cones – J-Tubes

From Space Case2 Piece Magnetic Medium Space Case Grinders

From Premier Tech Horticulture, 1 PRO-MIX t-shirt; 1 PRO-MIX ball point pen; 3 samples of 4oz PRO-MIX PUR MYCORRHIZAE (granular); 3 samples of 1oz PRO-MIX PUR MYCORRHIZAE (powder); 1 PRO-MIX baseball cap

From The Bulldog Amsterdam, one original t-shirt, original hoody, hat, keychain, bag and a lanyard.

From 420 Magazine, Nug Jar (Nugs are for decorative purposes only)

420 Magazine T-Shirt

420 Magazine Stickers

From Gorilla Seeds, a $50 gift certificate

From 70 Day Calendars, a 70 day calendar

From Crop King Seeds, a $100 gift certificate and prize package including a magnet, lighter, papers, jar & stickers

From Herbies Head Shop, a $50 Goody Box.

SweetSue is walking away with all of these goodies because he has shown outstanding commitment to helping our community. Thank you, SweetSue, for being such a valuable member and working so hard on the mission to raise cannabis awareness worldwide!