420 Magazine Nug of the Month: September 2023

NOTM Sept 2023 September

The 420 Nug of the Month contest is a chance for members to showcase the results of their growing and curing skills, in a fun contest where everyone can enjoy the entries, at least visually. The September Nug of the Month winner is a sparkling lump of dankness from VetSmoke85. It’s a ready-to-smoke nug of Mac ‘N’ Cheese.

VetSmoke85 has shown great gardening expertise to produce such a lovely lump of dense dankness which looks perfectly trimmed and cured. Thanks, VetSmoke85, for sharing that with all of us. A worthy winner, we think you’ll agree.

Nug of the Month September 2023 September

Each month the winning member receives the “420 Magazine’s Nug of the Month August 2023” title and the following prize package:

420 Magazine420 Magazine Lighter420 Magazine Magnet420 Magazine Stickers
Foods AliveOrganic Toasted Hemp Seeds
Sierra Natural ScienceSNS-217 Spider Mite Control – 1 Quart Mix Pouch
Mile High CleanerDeluxe Cleaning Kit

Thank you again, VetSmoke85, for sharing that beautiful nug! A great winner of our September Nug of the Month.