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Thread: Help with venting first grow tent

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    Help with venting first grow tent

    Just got the tent up and have several questions. Feel free (and appreciated) to answer in part or all. Thanks in advance!

    So first with a description of what I've got going on..
    Tent is 4ft length x 2ft width x 5ft height (40 cubic feet).
    I thought the tent had 4" vents, it actually has 6". This would probably be fine and dandy except I've already ordered a 4" fan and carbon scrubber. I happen to have 6" ducting already on hand, so I planned to pipe the 6" ducting out the vent hole, then connect to the fan/filter with a 6"-4" reducer. The fan is 4" and 160CFM. The main reason I want to keep the ducting 6" is to make sure I have a good tight connection, the way the vent flap is on the tent it seems like it will be very difficult to make sure the 6" flap has a tight seal on a 4" duct.

    So on to the questions..
    1. Is the 6" ducting a bad idea with a 4" fan? The fan is 160CFM and the space it's venting is only 40 cubic feet.

    2. One of my main goals is to be as electricity saving/conscious as possible with the setup. Can anyone recommend a good timer/relay day device that will do something like run the fan for 2 minutes every 5 minutes, or something similar? I couldn't tell if regular timers will do this for me or if I need something specific.

    3. Expanding on question 2, would I be better off getting a fan controller that would slow it down some and run 24x7? I know you don't want to over blow filters as they are rated for certain CFM, but are they still effective if UNDERblown? E.g., I reduce power to the fan so that it's ~40CFM but the filter is rated for 160cfm, is it still going to control odor?

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    Re: Help with venting first grow tent

    1. Not a problem, as long as you aren't venting with too much ducting.
    2. I would leave the fan on all the time.With lights off, humidity usually goes up, venting helps keep it down.
    3. same as 2.
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