A Florida man is suing Delta Airlines for kicking him off a plane because
he had a canister of legalized marijuana.

Irvin Rosenfeld, 48, uses marijuana for medicinal purposes. He filed the
lawsuit this week in Fort Lauderdale under the federal Air Carriers Access
Act of 1986 that states people with disabilities are protected against

Despite claims that marijuana can be used to medically treat diseases, such
as cancer and glaucoma, Selma residents are not in favor of legalizing the
drug and are not too impressed with its "soothing" effects.

"I wouldn't think this man would be successful in his lawsuit. Although,
marijuana is used for medicinal purposes, there are other drugs that can be
prescribed for patients - especially if you are flying on a plane," said
District Attorney Ed Greene. "Using marijuana for medicinal purposes is a
ploy for sub-diffuse and to skirt laws that prohibit the use of marijuana."

Rosenfeld reportedly suffers from a rare and painful bone disease and finds
relief in smoking marijuana. He smokes about 12 marijuana cigarettes a day
to fight pains from tumors.

One individual in Selma said he wished he could smoke marijuana and not get
caught, claiming it soothes his pain, and sue Delta for disputing it.

But local Rosalind Finister said the topic shouldn't be up for debate.

"I don't think this should be an issue. Marijuana destroys lives and leads
to other bad drugs," said Rosalind Finister.

Greene says there are more crack cocaine cases in Dallas County than
marijuana cases. If a person gets caught with marijuana, "depending on the
intent of possession, you could get a misdemeanor for possession of
marijuana." The penalty includes a fine and short suspended sentence or
drug treatment, according to Greene.

"When an arrest occurs for the second time, that's when it is a felony. And
jail time is usually the punishment," Greene said. He does not think
marijuana will become legal in Alabama or the rest of the country.

"As a real medicine, marijuana is not something that's in the mainstream of
our society."

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