The Super Bowl featured cheerleaders for the Pats, the Panthers...and blunts. The Medical Marijuana Cheerleaders hit the big game in order to, as ringleader Tracy Blevins said, "bogart some of the media coverage." Blevins, a native Houstonian who ran for New York City comptroller as a member of the Marijuana Reform Party ( and what a party it no doubt is ), led the crew in shout-outs and cheers downtown and at the stadium. "We even upstaged the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders," member Steven Nolin said. "We got a lot of thumbs-up from the police and fire departments doing security." Of course, they didn't exactly flare one up in front of them.

Pubdate: Thu, 12 Feb 2004
Source: Houston Press (TX)
Copyright: 2004 New Times, Inc.