Olathe’s controversial medical marijuana dispensary is closed. “Why” depends on whom you ask.

THC With TLC closed Monday, and owner William Hewitt says he now will care for patients via a network of caregivers, in accordance with Colorado’s Amendment 20. The law allows people with certain debilitating medical conditions to acquire a registry card and use marijuana for pain management.

An Olathe ordinance enacted in January requires dispensaries to pay a $3,000 licensing fee. Hewitt’s fee was due May 30. Other Montrose County cities have banned dispensaries, as has the county. (The county’s lone dispensary opened before its moratorium took effect.)

“When I opened my store (on Monday), they said because I did not pay the money; I was permanently shut down,” Hewitt said Thursday.

Not quite, said Police Chief Ric Hawk. “They shut their doors willingly. He didn’t renew his business license. I saw them open, so I went in to contact them and tell them they did not have a business license.” The dispensary employee then closed the store and sent for Hewitt, who was “ranting and raving and throwing accusations,” Hawk said.

“It has nothing to do with what’s inside (the store); it has to do with not having a business license,” the chief said. “We did not close them down. They closed down willingly, which was the right thing to do.”

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