Spacey Blue Cheese & Spinach Pasta

Spacey Blue Cheese And Spinach Pasta
Photo: Matt Sativa

Spacey Blue Cheese And Spinach Pasta
Today’s recipe for blue cheese and spinach pasta is as simple as it gets. It’s hella tasty too. Green vegetables pair excellently with blue cheese. This is a vegetable and dairy dish but, you can fancy it up by adding some diced crispy fried streaky bacon or grilled chicken strips. I used fresh baby spinach from the garden in this recipe, but you can also use chard. If you do use chard, make sure to clean as much of the white stem out as you can.

Yield: 4 portions
Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: super easy

4 oz. Blue cheese or Gorgonzola
1½ cup fresh cream
14 oz. baby spinach leaves or chard
2 Tbsp. cannaoil or infused olive oil

Place the cream into a deep saucepan and place it on medium heat.
Allow the cream to boil and reduce about a third.
Add the spinach to the cream and allow it to cook.
Mix using a spoon until all the spinach is cooked but not overcooked. It only takes a minute.
Remove from the heat and crumble in the cheese.
Using a stick blender or any blender you have, puree the contents of the saucepan.
Taste and adjust with seasoning if needed.
Cook your pasta as normal.
Strain the pasta in a colander and move it into a bowl.
Add the cannaoil to the pasta and toss to coat it all.
Place the pasta in the bottom of a bowl and top with as much sauce as you would like.
This is so simple and doesn’t require any cooking of the cannaoil.
Enjoy your spacey blue cheese and spinach pasta.