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Thread: Hydro ScrOG LED Big Bud Auto

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    Hydro ScrOG LED Big Bud Auto

    Hey guys, I'm a first time grower. Nearing harvest. Got a couple questions..

    Feedback on my setup? Thoughts?

    I'm using 2 Super Grow LEDs and 3 additional supporting LEDs for flowering.
    Right now I have 5 big bud autos...pretty confident that I don't have enough lighting/too many plants. My next grow won't consist of so many plants. I'll also get more lights most likely.

    When to harvest? Buds aren't very big bud the seed said seed to harvest in 9-11 weeks and its been 10 and a 1/2...trics are clear with some milky/amber trics. Thoughts?

    ANY feedback is GREATLY appreciated. I'm all ears as I'm looking to learn as much as possible. Thanks!

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    Re: Hydro ScrOG LED Big Bud Auto

    Hard to tell fully, looks like ebb and flow?

    Not bad though man for your first time, not bad at all.

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    Re: Hydro ScrOG LED Big Bud Auto

    By your description of the trichs you can chop just about any time. Depending on your desires on the final smoke. More amber = more couch lock and is an indicator the THC is degrading. Mostly cloudy is peak THC and more uplifting (my preferred). There can be some amber in the mostly cloudy too, so don't worry if you have some cloudy, some clear, and a few amber if you're wanting the mostly cloudy effect. Just a few days more and it's there.

    Hard to get proper perspective in your pics, and I am not experienced with autos, but the buds seem small and an indicator that yes you do need more light. Just my thoughts, I could be wrong.

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    Re: Hydro ScrOG LED Big Bud Auto

    Looking good man, I'm getting ready for my first SCROG, cant wait.

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